A-DOT rescues vintage textiles& wooden furniture, turning them into something wanted again.
A DOT is never the end- but always a new beggining...

wooden furniture& vintage textile restoration; upholstery

A small workshop was born and a dream came true. After many, too many, years of chasing a retail career and working for others. After a burn-out and later- one year recovery backpacking through Mexico& Guatemala - it found home in the Green Heart of Latvia- #cesis 
Now I live, what I call, a small life. A small town life. A every day changing, creative life. A more simple and more fulfilled life.
Nowdays, doing what one loves - IS a luxury!
So follow my small luxurious life, if you´d like... (:

A-DOT product is not just another newly produced thing that requires more of Earth’s precious resources. A-DOT product is always rescued, re-stored, re-cycled and re-turned to a new life in a new, appealing and stylish form. It is designed and produced locally in a small, painteresque town called Cesis, Latvia. Each product is one of a kind. Just like we all are (: